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5 Reasons Why You Should Always Apply SPF Before Makeup

by Delali Cosmetics on May 28, 2021

The SPF does a job at keeping your skin healthy and far from the consequences of Ultraviolet Radiation.

Before applying makeup, there are a lot of advisable things to do. They include washing your face with lukewarm water and using a soft and mild cleanser. This is done to help make your skin tone even, which will help promote smoother skin.

Another important thing to apply before makeup is an exfoliator. This is done to avoid a cakey makeup look in the long run. Also, for people with oily skin, it is advisable to use a toner. Another key step to take before applying makeup is applying moisturizer. It is very important so as not to have an oily base makeup.


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All these steps are vital but incomplete if you do not include Sun Protection Factor. Ultraviolet radiation has some advantages but it also has a lot of disadvantages. And its disadvantages are skin-based, bad for makeup.

Sun Protection Factor should be applied before makeup because of the following reasons:


1. SPF protects your skin from Ultraviolet radiation

As the ozone layer depletes, there is an increase in the tendencies to have our skin exposed to sun damage. The use of SPF blocks the chances of getting sunburns as it reduces the rays. Though SPF products differ, they contain chemicals that can absorb or reflect light.


2. It helps you keep the skin from premature aging

Going out in the sun without protection can damage the collagen and connective tissues of your skin. This means you can lose elasticity and start having wrinkles. Sun damages caused by Ultraviolet radiation causes photoaging of the skin. You can detect this when the skin becomes thick with a leathery look. The skin is often discolored, and a collagen breakdown occurs.

You can avoid this by applying Sun Protection Factor products before applying makeup. Keeping our young and beautiful look is one of the major goals everyone has. Applying Sun Protection Factor products before makeup is a thousand steps towards achieving this goal.

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3. It helps you in maintain an even skin tone

Having an even skin tone is instrumental to a beautiful look. Applying Sun Protection Factor products helps even out your skin tone. It gives you smoother skin and helps prevent dark spots and discoloration. Want that even skin tone? Try out SPF products.


4. Reduces the appearances of sunspots

The discoloration that comes with sunspots can be prevented by applying Sun Protection Factor products. Any part of the body where you apply makeup is liable to have sunspots. Keep that in mind.

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5. The product lowers the risk of cancer

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends SPF to reduce the risk of cancer. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. This risk can be avoided by applying SPF products.



Applying makeup is a beautiful art, and to achieve a flawless look it is important to keep your skin healthy and protected. If you don’t have products that contain SPF in their formula you can always use a sunblock first and then apply your Délali Cosmetics makeup.