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5 Steps You Should Be Following Before Putting On Your Makeup

by Delali Cosmetics on April 08, 2021

To have a beautiful makeup application, you must start by taking good care of your skin. This is one part most of us ignore. If you want a flawless look, you have to prepare your face (the base) properly. By doing this, you want to ensure a flawless skin, hydrated lips, glorious rested eyes, and defined cheekbones. They form the perfect base for whatever makeup look  you are about to rock.

It is not just about the number of hours you spend on applying your foundation, getting that perfect eyeshadow look, or achieving a flawless dewy highlight. You must understand that if you don’t prep your base (your skin) properly No amount of product or application time can fix the lack of a good skin care routine. This takes nothing away from how well you can wear your makeup.

We have provided you with five (5) practical steps you should follow before putting on your makeup. By following these steps, you are set for that perfect makeup look whenever you get at it.


1.  Cleanse Your Skin

Cleansing your skin comes with several perks. First, steady cleansing ensures that you sustain the size of your skin pores. Again, it brings to like that healthy and supple-looking skin you have always desired. If your skin is oily, doing this cleansing twice might help curb the release of surplus oils. To get the best from applying makeup on your skin, cleanse your skin in the morning. That way, every toxin from the previous night is removed.


2.  Exfoliate Your Skin

As soon as you are done with your morning cleansing, the next important step is skin exfoliation. Exfoliating your skin takes away every dead skin cell on your skin. It will also clean off any growing dirt, sweat, or bacteria from the skin. That way, you have a smooth base to apply your makeup on. It also lessens your pores to help you achieve that flawless makeup. The 103 Collection Facial Scrub will help you reach these results.


3.  Have You Applied Your Toner?

Applying your toner is that vital step in-between it all. Still, you cannot afford to miss out on this step. It adds a lot to your skincare as it gets rid of ingrown hairs, shrinks your skin pores, and cools off your skin. For the ultimate skin hydration, apply toner after cleansing your skin and before you moisturize. We recommend using the wonderful Antioxidant Facial Toner from 103 Collection.   


4.  Apply your moisturizer

Don’t miss this step because this will cause your primer and foundation to not work at their best. You want your skin well moisturized to allow an easy application. When your skin is hydrated, you have a smooth, rich complexion, which then produces lovelier makeup! The Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer from 103 Collection is all you need.


5.  Start with Your Primer

It is only on very few occasions that you get a perfect-looking skin, always. Normally, our skin will experience certain imperfections sometimes. A primer will be of great help to give just that excellent base your makeup needs. They simply fill in your skin pores, even every flaw, and add a real twinkle to the skin. And with Délali primers, your makeup stays for much longer. Likewise, primers work for virtually every skin disorder.



Truly, it is all in a bid to catch the eye. Who does not want to? But before then, these are the necessary steps you cannot miss out. Are you ready to wear that makeup on just the perfect base (skin)? These are the steps you must take!

Choose the best products that bring out the best version of your skin and looks. Délali Cosmetics is your go-to brand for the best products for your makeup look. They parade a vast collection of skin beneficial and beauty-enhancing products. Hence, regardless of your skin tone and complexion, you will certainly get the best out of your makeup look when you use these products! Find out more about them here.