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6 Reasons You Should Start Using Cruelty-Free/Vegan Beauty Products

by Delali Cosmetics on April 08, 2021

It takes a lot more than avoiding certain food to be vegan. It goes as far as you staying away from certain beauty products as well. So, if you have chosen to stick to the vegan lifestyle, there is more for you to note. Just so you know, the vegan lifestyle is a noble and remarkable cause to support. Again, the vegan beauty lifestyle means you will now select safer and healthier beauty products. Your skin will be thankful to you for making this choice. Deciding to go cruelty-free is an ethical choice that also allows other animal-friendly options to grow in popularity.

You must also realize that the vegan fashion trend is developing and catching up with more popular options. So, whether it is sunscreen, mascara, or shampoo, using cruelty-free/vegan beauty products is the new big thing. The number of people adopting the trend is increasing daily. Why is this so? Actually, why not? At least, no one appreciates the fact that new shades of lipstick get tested on lovely little mice before they move into the market. Aside from this, we have provided six other reasons you should start using cruelty-free/vegan beauty products.


1. Vegan/Cruelty-Free Beauty Products Are Healthier Choices

By going for beauty products that are not sampled on animals, you’re likewise avoiding harmful chemicals like synthetic dyes and sulfates. Now you have healthier cosmetics. By extension, you have chosen healthier products for your skin. Again, you have reduced the chances of inflammation, allergies, and breakouts. To protect your skin, you must protect the animals.

2. You Are Promoting More Cautious Beauty Exercises

Limiting your choices to beauty products not sampled on animals, results will change the norms positively in the cosmetics world. Restricted options steer more cautious developments. It also promotes the chance of properly assessing if a beauty product is a right addition to your skincare routine. So, it’s prime time you adopted cruelty-free/vegan beauty products to promote more cautious beauty exercises.

3. Cruelty-free/Vegan Beauty Products Are Best for Delicate Skin Types

Judging by their performance, cruelty-free/vegan beauty products are deemed to be better. For one, they contain fewer ingredients. These beauty products are made from several tested and beneficial ingredients health-wise.

4. You Are Making A Difference

When you avoid the common beauty products and instead opt for Cruelty-Free options, you push the statement that animal testing is an unfair practice. When a good number of people do this, firms start to amend their procedures, and cruelty-free comes to be the norm. Take a stand today!

5. Stay Budget Friendly

Most cruelty-free/vegan beauty businesses are very affordable. There are a lot of these kinds of brands that avoid animal sampling. That way, you are saving money and the animals as well.

6. Choose Tenderness and Humanity

Beauty is a product of what is within. Therefore, by choosing your cosmetic products with proper attention to not inflicting any pain, or abusing animals, you have chosen tenderness and humanity. It is only a matter of time before this will shine out from within and give you brighter skin!


It is not just about the lifestyle. It is about the cause you are supporting. Even beyond that, it is about protecting yourself and protecting your skin from toxic ingredients as well. It’s time to change your beauty routine and start using products like the HD Liquid Foundation, nude eyeshadow palette and nude lip-glosses from Délali Cosmetics which are paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

It is not just a lifestyle, it is a precaution and a step in the right direction!