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8 Makeup Tips You Didn’t Know You Should Know

by Delali Cosmetics on May 14, 2021

To enhance your look and spice up the natural beauty you portray, you have to take into account some important factors when applying your makeup. Understanding some of these unique tips will help you achieve a smooth makeup look, and a younger-looking appearance.

Using makeup denotes a great sense of self-care, and this is so distinctive. Makeup empowers you with the extra ability to control your skin and your look. It has a way of making you feel proud of yourself. It's also a good reason to give your facial skin a cleansing every day, and a proper cleansing habit helps in keeping your skin healthy.

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Now that you know how helpful makeup can be, here are some tips to enrich our knowledge with:


1. Condition your natural brushes

Taking good care of your natural brushes is very important. We know conditioner to be a less aggressive cleaning agent. It also has the feature of giving a nice aroma. Conditioning your brushes leaves the bristles covered with a protective film. Suppose you want your brush to be fluffy, soft, and flexible; it needs to be conditioned. It is important to remember that the brushes can be a deciding factor to have a good makeup look.


2. Use primer of one base

To yield a very good makeup result, make sure your skin and the cosmetics you use are suitable. Your cream, primer, and foundation should have one base to command good results. You can check out some ideal product options for your skin here.

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3. Make use of eye primer

Instead of using eye cream, make use of an eye primer to get a better result in your makeup look. Primer tends to highlight the area of the eye and prepare it for the application of concealer.


4. Try wet technique eyeshadow

There is always a kind of change in structure when you apply dry eyeshadow in a moist way. For example, glittering shadows give a cream-like effect. It also glows when used with a wet effect.


5. Fill in the empty spaces between the upper lashes

To prevent an imperfect or flat makeup, fill in the white blank areas between lashes. You can make use of a soft powder-like pencil for this. The more intense you want your eyes to appear, the darker the pencil color.


6. Cover the under-eye bags

Focus on highlighting under-eye bags if you have. Get a concealer and shades lighter than your skin tone to apply it to your under-eye. Note that you should use the concealer in a triangle shape. This will not make the swelled place attract attention.


7. Apply mineral powder the right way

As a foundation in the form of powder, mineral powder dissolves in primer and skin oil. This makes its coverage thin on your face. It is a very good option during holidays as it doesn't melt in the sun. It also has a high level of UV protection. Make sure you apply the powder with a big brush on top of the primer. Don't bother fixing foundations since they serve the same purpose.

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8. Give your makeup a finishing touch of transparent powder

This evens your makeup, and it also highlights the skin. The transparent powder will not help with blurring and shading other products. It is better to apply transparent powder after applying other products.



Makeup is a self-confidence booster; it makes you see the better side of yourself that you want. Working with these given tips and those you already know will help you achieve a better makeup look. Follow the principles and enjoy the benefits that come with makeup!

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